GT 1.0 - The Bullet

Ultralight, compact rear wheel drive power house. Can you handle it?

GT 1.0

The GT 1.0 is the newest addition to the Alternative Engineering lineup. It provides an exhilarating driving experience with its rear wheel drivetrain and ultralight weight.

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GT 1.0 - The Story

What was the GT 1.0 supposed to be?
The GT 1.0 marks the first entry in the new GT model series. In contrast to the RS model series, GT race cars focus on a more minimalistic ultralight vehicle design. Another major difference comes with the new drivetrain which was reengineered from the ground up to withstand the increased load since now the whole power is concentrated on just the rear axle. Overall the GT 1.0 delivers an incredible driving experience if you can handle the massive power.
Rear Wheel Drive
Stiffness & Stability


POWER: 150 – 300W
V-MAX: 75 Km/h
L/W: 37cm / 26cm
WEIGHT: 785g
New Engine
First of all let’s take a look at the engine. The new engine in the GT 4.0 provides 30% more power than the old one. Using 2s Lipo batteries the engine can deliver around 150 Watts of power. To give you an idea of how powerful that is, you can see a graph comparison between a normal LEGO™ XL motor and the engines being used in my models.
The Chassis was completely redesigned and narrowed down to reduce weight and improve the overall visual appearance of the vehicle.
In order to provide exceptional handling at the now even higher speeds a new suspension was engineered to improve high speed stability and create a better cornering ability for the new race car. Since the car is now more rear biased the suspension tension was updated to fit the new power delivery.
Precise Steering
The new midsection design required the development of a new steering setup which includes a new servo adapter to allow for ultra precise steering and handling.


Our​ main instructions​ ​are manually made with Studio​.io 2.0 ​a br​and-new LEGO™ designing software. The Instructions are of high quality and easy to follow​. The ​motorization part is the eas​iest! ​Two videos w​ill lead you through the integration of the high performing electronics in under 10 minutes. We additionally provide PDFs with maintenance and driving information.
Whats included in the instructions?
​ manually made 283 step instruction

Parts Set

Alternative Engineerings LEGO™ SET provides a building experience right out of the box like you are used from normal LEGO™ Sets. The Set containing out of 100% original LEGO™ parts is counted by hand to prevent any missing part.


In the Plug & Race Motorization Set everything has already been done for you! The Set containing out of quality RC electronics is ready to be installed in any of the four RS models in less than 10 minutes.

Since I started challenging real RC cars 5 years ago I couldn’t find a Lego™ or plug and play RC motorization that fit my needs. So I started configuring my own. My plug and race Motorization set makes no compromises in terms of weight, power, reliability and range!

​3D printed adapters
​To ensure a seamless integration into LEGO™ Framework all Alternative Engineering sets come with custom 3D printed adapters. The high performing 3rd party electronics can be plugged in like you are used with the LEGO™ ​power function ​parts.
​One of the two integration parts of the servo motor which is responsible for steering the car.
​The motorization is already plugged together waiting to be installed in your car or MOC.
2,4 Ghz Radio Control with 500m Range
The Radio control ​is of high quality and fits the needs of all Alternative Engineering RS models perfectly!

Radio Specification:
- 2.4Ghz system
- 2-channel radio
- Ergonomic grip
- Internal antenna
- 3-channel receiver with “failsafe” function
High Performance Brushless Motor
The core element which makes my cars upstanding from normal LEGO™ cars is the high performing brushless motor. It has to be very light, powerful and small to make the often considered impossible possible.

- Max.continuous current: 18A
- Max.continuous power: 150 W
- Weight: 39g
-Max.lipo cell: 2-3S
Lipo Battery + Charger
To provide the needed 30 Ampere for the brushless motor I am using a 7,4V drone battery with a leading power-weight ratio. To enhance the battery lifetime of around 500-1000 circles a balance-charger comes with the Set.
Electronic Speed Controller
With the 30A electronic speed controller it’s possbile to have a steppless throttle and drive backwards. Advanced drivers can also configurate a auto breaking function.
Steering Servo
After all, a powerful car has to be controllable. The 4,5kg strong metal Servo provides fast and precise Steering. All RS models are able to change the steering direction in 0.14 sec.


“My kid has stopped looking at any other of his RC cars”
Jonas D., Hamburg
““I never thought this was possible to build such a fast car with lego.”
Lucas M., Austria
“I had a small issue building the car but after reaching out i received a quick solution and now i love the car”
Franklin Hauser


What's the difficulty of building a LEGO™ car using my instructions?

Building one of my cars is a nice challenge for more experienced LEGO™ builders. The gap less instructions are made with the LEGO™ Digital Designer. If still a problem occurs you can contact me to get personal help!

Which 3rd parts are used for the motorization?

High quality RC components for customers, who accept nothing less than perfection.

How can you contact us in case of uncertainties?

You can contact us via the contact page (in the menu) on this website, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or E-mail.

How long do I have to wait for my ordered set?

We always try to make shipping as fast as possible. Your set should within 1 week after payment processing, in Europe even faster. Additionally you can always check the status of your order through the tracking number.

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