​Motorization Set

​Alternative Engineering's high performing motorization Set is ​the strongest fully LEGO compatible motorization solution you can get. Wherever you want to push the limits of your own MOC or motorize one of AE's models that's the power you were waiting for!


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YOU SAVE ​​50€!

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In the Plug & Race Motorization Set everything has already been done for you! The Set containing out of quality RC electronics is ready to be installed in any of the four RS models in less than 10 minutes.

Since I started challenging real RC cars 5 years ago I couldn’t find a Lego or plug and play RC motorization that fit my needs. So I started configuring my own. My plug and race Motorization set makes no compromises in terms of weight, power, reliability and range!

​3D printed adapters

​To ensure a seamless integration into LEGO Framework all Alternative Engineering sets come with custom 3D printed adapters. The high performing 3rd party electronics can be plugged in like you are used with the LEGO ​power function ​parts.

​One of the two integration parts of the servo motor which is responsible for steering the car.

​The motorization is already plugged together waiting to be installed in your car or MOC.

2,4 Ghz Radio Control with 500m Range

The Radio control ​is ​of high quality and fits the needs of all Alternative Engineering RS models perfectly!

 Radio Specification:

  • ​2.4Ghz system
  • 2-channel radio
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Internal antenna
  • 3-channel receiver with “failsafe” function

High Performance Brushless Motor (RS4.0 engine)

The core element which makes my cars upstanding from normal LEGO cars is the high performing brushless motor. It has to be very light, powerful and small to make the often considered impossible possible.


  • Max.continuous current: 18A/30S
  • Max.continuous power: 150 W
  • Weight: 39g
  • Max.lipo cell: 2-3S

Lipo Battery + Charger

To provide the needed 30 Ampere for the brushless motor I am using a 7,4V drone battery with a leading power-weight ratio. To enhance the battery lifetime of around 500-1000 circles a balance-charger comes with the Set.

Electronic Speed Controller

With the 30A electronic speed controller it’s possbile to have a steppless throttle and drive backwards. Advanced drivers can also configurate a auto breaking function.

Steering Servo

After all, a powerful car has to be controllable. The 4,5kg strong metal Servo provides fast and precise Steering. All RS models are able to change the steering direction in 0.14 sec.

Goodies & Special offer

The Alternative Engineering Plug&Race Motorization Set is installed in less than ​10 minutes in each of the 4 RS models. The LEGO connectors are already mounted on the motor and servo, the plugs are already soldered. Additionally a lubricant is shipped to provide endurance on fast outdoor runs.

SPECIAL OFFER: One additional lipo battery for double drive time​.

Includes one additional lipo battery. You can change the battery from the car in less than 1 minute. The plug is already soldered and ready to provide power!

Insured worldwide tracked shipping.

IN STOCK: Shipps in 1-2 days after payment!

Notice: Alternative Engineering is not responsible for any imposed customs duties and fees in your home country.


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