High performance Lego™ builds
We at Alternative Engineering are a young team of full-time technology enthusiasts, who want to push the limits of LEGO™. We want to provide you with the most cutting edge engineering, the most brutal delivery of power and acceleration, perfection manifested in form and design.
GT series
GT 1.0-The Bullet
The GT 1.0 is the newest addition to the Alternative Engineering lineup. It provides an exhilarating driving experience with its rear wheel drivetrain and ultralight weight.

Limited time offer: 25 days 1:59:18

RS series
RS 4.0-The Apex
The RS4.0 is the latest High Performance Lego™ car from Alternative Engineering. All the experience gathered in the last 5 years of constructing has led to this benchmark and made it what it is: THE APEX.

Limited time offer: 25 days 1:59:18

RS 3.2
Did you ever want to build a fast LEGO™ Car which is able to reach 68km/h? THIS is the place where the limits of LEGO™ are being pushed.


RS 3.1
The RS 3.1 was the first major upgrage in terms of performance and handling and with the imporvements it was our first car to reach more than 65 km/h.
RS 2.1
Check out the instructions of the RS 2.1 which marks down the first iteration of our quest to create the best LEGO™ performance car.